Global Defence Solutions (GDS), a local leader in innovative defence technologies, is set to deliver a Zone 4 certified deployable secure container tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The GDS Zone 4 certified deployed facility is housed in a 10-foot secure container and provides a cost-effective and portable method of protecting and securely processing electronic classified information.

Manufactured at GDS’s Nowra facility in New South Wales, it represents a culmination of extensive collaboration between GDS and defence stakeholders to ensure alignment with the precise needs of the end-users. Leveraging more than two decades of experience in the industry, GDS has consistently prioritised understanding and delivering on client requirements, positioning itself as a trusted partner in defence solutions.

“This product showcases our commitment to delivering reliable, value-for-money solutions while ensuring absolute compliance with defence standards,” said GDS General Manager Jeromy Bendall.

“Manufacturing and designing this sovereign Zone 4 certified deployable secure container locally supports Australia’s self-reliance and pedigree in defence manufacturing in the increasingly important field of cyber security.”

The deployable secure container is designed to enhance the ADF’s suite of deployable capabilities, featuring advanced air conditioning systems, sophisticated noise attenuation technologies and stringent security measures.

“It provides the ADF with a deployable, secure facility, offering a level of security and functionality needed in locations where such facilities were previously unavailable,” said Bendall.

“Our GDS manufactured containers allow for the secure handling and exchange of classified data in diverse environments, greatly enhancing operational flexibility and security.”

GDS’s deployable secure container meets all Zone 4 standards, ensuring controlled access to sensitive information. The certification and oversight processes involved close collaboration with the Department of Defence’s Directorate of Security Assurance (DoSA), highlighting the rigorous standards achieved by GDS.

“Working closely with defence personnel to understand and meet their specific needs has always been our strength. We understand the critical nature of defence operations, which is why we prioritise security and reliability in all our solutions,” Bendall said.

“This project demonstrates our experience and capability and reinforces GDS’s position to meet the evolving needs of the ADF with innovative and secure solutions.”