Saab has selected New South Wales SME Global Defence Solutions (GDS) as its Australian industry partner to locally manufacture its combat proven Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) and multispectral camouflage screens.

“Saab’s partnership with GDS will bring world-class capability into Australian industry with the transfer of our global camouflage technical knowledge and expertise,” said Andy Keough, Managing Director of Saab Australia.

“Australian industrial involvement is critical to the success of our sovereign defence industry and together with GDS, our partnership is another example of creating local capability and new opportunities for Australian industry.”

This partnership builds on Saab’s strong relationship with GDS, after selecting the SME as the preferred soft-shelter supplier for Australia’s JP2060 program in December 2020.

“We are delighted that Saab has chosen GDS to produce its signature management solutions for Australia. The opportunity to work with a proven and globally recognised signature management product is an exciting step forward for our regionally based New South Wales company,” said Laurie Koster, Managing Director at GDS.

“Our partnership will provide Australia with a true sovereign capability, to produce, integrate and install signature reduction systems onto combat vehicles.”

Saab’s MCS has been in operation and continual development for over 25 years and is combat proven with multiple successful deployments, including to Afghanistan and Mali. Enabling increased operational capabilities, including survivability and force protection, Saab’s MCS reduces the signature of military vehicles across the electro-magnetic spectrum using a combination of advanced materials.

The system provides easy-to-install, multispectral protection with a number of key operational benefits. Importantly, Saab’s signature management solution is ultra-lightweight and highly durable.

Saab has over 60 year’s experience delivering Barracuda multispectral camouflage to an extensive customer base in around 30 countries – including, seven NATO countries.

Written and published by Saab.